About KB




Hey there, we are Kalabanga – we make beautiful shorts for style and comfort lovers.

We believe that in a world as rapid as ever, rest and holidays are crucial to making the most of peoples lives and careers. We help hard-working and ambitious individuals preserve their unique identity by making them look good during time off.


Kalabanga pattern designs combine urban & rural, serious & fun, subtle & noisy.

Comfortably shaped and made from light-weight fabric, KB board shorts are a true sunshine highlight, perfect for swimming and sand walking.

The board shorts are hand-made and tested in a textile laboratory for our fabric durability and resistance. Check out more about the features here.


We work with a small team of hand selected tailors, designers, illustrators to create models and patterns that encompass both rapid urban  and relaxed holiday lifestyles.

We all have a shared vision – the world where our uniqueness deserves a treat. Join us.