kalabanga at Supynes Festival

So, we had a fantastic weekend out in the Lithuanian nature.

Best kept electronic music secret in the woods of eastern Europe   – www.supynesfestival.lt. If you’re someone who is even remotely close to being a fan of electronic music, Supynes is becoming an absolute must for you.

The festival is held at Pakretuone – distant Lithuanian wood spot. As Daina Dubauskaite @ Electronicbeats.net puts it, Pakretuonė itself is truly spectacular, both for those seeing a real Lithuanian forest for a first time and for those who come every year, so it’s enchanting and surprising every time—especially during dusk and dawn.

Electronicbeats.net:  Sūpynės’ 10th year was extremely polished, from the selection of music to the visuals, installations and stage designs—but it still felt raw and DIY. That’s the festival’s greatest and most beautiful asset: it provides the most basic means for human needs, but it also encourages you to immerse into the nature and remember how to live in peace with it. All this makes it very hard to come back to the real world, and after a mere two or three days in the forest, asphalt starts to feel weird under your feet.